Has A Rookie Quarterback Ever Won The Super Bowl?'

Brock Purdy was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2022 NFL Draft (the very last pick) and he began the season as the San Francisco 49ers' 3rd-string quarterback. Against all probabilities, Purdy suddenly finds himself starting the NFC Championship game – in which San Francisco will go up against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday afternoon.

With Purdy and the 49ers just 2 wins away from the Lombardi Trophy, it's time to revisit the Super Bowl history of young quarterbacks.

Has A Rookie Quarterback Ever Won The Super Bowl?

There have been 56 installments of the Super Bowl. Not once has a rookie quarterback won it. While that may be surprising given the number of Super Bowls that have been played over the years, it does make sense. One, not many rookie QBs start right away for their NFL teams. Two, the ones that do start are generally high draft picks selected by the worst of the worst teams in the league.

Has A Rookie QB Ever Been In the Super Bowl?

Not only has a rookie QB never won the Super Bowl, but also no rookie QB has even started a Super Bowl. Six have reached a conference championship game, making Brock Purdy the seventh. All six, however, lost with a Super Bowl berth at stake (Pat Haden of the Rams, Dieter Brock of the Rams, Shaun King of the Buccaneers, Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers, Joe Flacco of the Ravens and Mark Sanchez of the Jets). Kordell Stewart took some direct snaps at QB as a rookie in Super Bowl XXX, but Neil O'Donnell was the Steelers' starter in a 27-17 loss to the Cowboys.'

Can Brock Purdy Be The First Rookie QB To Make The Super Bowl

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