Why The Patriots Need To Sign DeAndre Hopkins

Why The Patriots Need To Sign DeAndre Hopkins

The Patriots should go after Hopkins after his release from the Cardinals

By Lucy Burdge – May 30, 2023, 11:57pm

When the Cardinals released DeAndre Hopkins last week, my first thought was, “The Patriots should sign him.”'

Now that the contract is not a barrier, the path for that to happen would have fewer roadblocks. And I think it makes sense.'

And oddsmakers don't exactly disagree. The odds at DraftKings for the Patriots to sign Hopkins are +900, which indicates it's not entirely out of the question. New England is only fifth on this odds list behind the Bills at +300, the Chiefs at +400, the Ravens at +650 and the Jets at +700.'

But my second thought when the Cardinals released him was, “would he want to play with Mac Jones?”'

Hopkins has been vocal about what kind of quarterback he wants to play for and has listed specific QBs he would team up with. On the “I am Athlete” pod cast, Hopkins listed Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson and Justin Herbert as the quarterbacks he would most like to team up with.'

While Jones was not mentioned on this list, there are some factors that make me believe Hopkins joining the Patriots isn't out of the question.'

First of all, Bill Belichick has a ton of respect for him. The Patriots head coach gushed about Hopkins last season when he said, “He's got tremendous ball skills, he catches everything, great hands … Great coordination on the sidelines, and he doesn't really look it but he's a strong kid. You see him break tackles, he's strong creating separation, yards after contact, extra yards around the goal line or the extra yard for a first down. He's a smart football player, very savvy. His ball skills are at the very elite level with guys I've seen in this league … He's every bit as good as anybody I've ever coached against.”
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