Three Sportsbook Promos You Need to Take Advantage of Today

Here at Dimers, we love finding that extra edge in your bets. It's our entire philosophy; to beat the sportsbooks over time, we have to utilize every extra advantage over the house that we can. One of the best ways to do that is through the various promos on offer any given day. Whether a pre-made boost, an extra odds surge for you to add onto a bet or a risk-free wager, these are all ways to turn an additional profit over time. DraftKings has a handful of quality promos on top today, so let's make the best use of them.

If you're not signed up at DraftKings, make sure you do so here, where you'll score $150 in bonus bets for placing your first $5 wager. If you've already got DraftKings, check out our Best Sportsbooks page for every promo offer available to you, although you won't get the advantage of these three bets below outside of DraftKings.



Best Sportsbook Promos for Wednesday, May 24

Your max bet will likely vary here, but this is an excellent promo to get things started. Any MLB bet of your choosing: a straight wager, SGP, or traditional parlay. It will apply to the first bet you make after opting in, so don't opt in to the promo until you're ready to place your risk-free wager. Since you're getting the bet back in a bonus if you lose, it's ideal to go for something a little bit more of a longshot rather than you're traditional wager. Low risk, high reward.

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