NFL survivor pool picks, Week 12: Considering safe, value, trap strategy for football knockout pools

The NFL is headed into the holidays with a big Thanksgiving slate on tap. Traditionally, the Thanksgiving schedule is usually pretty weak, but this season Bills-Lions, Giants-Cowboys, and Patriots-Vikings gives us five teams firmly in the playoff mix and a Detroit squad that is showing some life. That makes up for a bit of a sub-optimal Sunday where Bengals-Titans is the only game involving two teams with a winning record.

As we head into the holiday weekend slate, it's time once again for the remaining few to make their NFL Survivor pool picks. Most peoples that are still active are down to the last handful of contestants. DK Nation is here to help with a look at safe choices, value choices, and potential traps. Last week, we hit on our safe and value picks, but we were way off in a game we thought would be a trap. So, wins all around, I suppose. Here's what we've got for Week 12.

Safest picks

Chiefs over Rams
Dolphins over Texans

If you're still alive and looking to wrap things up in your pool, there's plenty of reason to stick with the safe plays. It's worth noting the Dolphins will be an especially popular play this week against the Texans, which is why we don't have them listed as a value pick.

Best value picks

49ers over Saints
Jets over Bears

The 49ers are rolling, but there's plenty of reasons to avoid them after this weekend. The Saints are struggling and the 49ers defense should be able to suffocate them sufficiently to get the win.

The Jets are an interesting pick. They've benched Zach Wilson, which theoretically makes them a bit of a wild card. But they're facing a Bears squad that will likely be without its biggest playmaker in Justin Fields, and will likely have problems against any offensive options the Jets put out there.

Trap pick

Cowboys over Giants
Commanders over Falcons

Thanksgiving week brings plenty of trap possibilities. The Cowboys could very well crush a regressing Giants squad, but divisional games are always tough to sort out. While Washington is playing well right now, they remain sufficiently inconsistent that I'd stay away from them.

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