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NFL Survivor picks for Week 4

Well, it happened. Three times, actually. Three huge favorites went down in Week 3 and took out large swaths of the Survivor field. The Jaguars wiped out nearly 41% of the field in the Circa Survivor, as contestants were forced to hold back the Cowboys and Chiefs for the holiday weeks. The Ravens also came up short at home against the Colts in overtime.

Sometimes it’s better to just go 1-0 instead of plotting out the path to go 18-0 (or 20-0 for the Circa), but those are two of the contest strategies I talked about coming into the season. The win-now mindset might help you advance, but it might hurt you down the line. Then again, for those that took the Cowboys, they weren’t good enough either, so it was only those who picked the Chiefs that are alive to tell the tale today.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m playing this thing out for real until I can’t anymore, at which point I’ll shuffle all 32 teams back into the hopper. Thus far, the picks have been the Commanders (Week 1), Bills (Week 2), and Chiefs (Week 3). I’m just playing the 18-week game here, since not every reader is part of the Circa or a similar contest.

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