Baseball Hall of Fame 2023: Does the System Need to Change?

It's official – Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff are heading to the Baseball Hall of Fame.'

It's a huge achievement for two huge players, but as has become a recurring theme with Hall of Fame result announcements, some fans across the league aren't happy. Their issue isn't necessarily with who's been elected – Rolen and McGiff were both great players who deserve recognition – but rather with who hasn't made the cut.

The results of the BBWAA Hall of Fame ballot were announced on Jan. 24, with Rolen, in his sixth year of eligibility, the only player elected. He'll be inducted in Cooperstown on Jul. 23 alongside McGiff, the only player elected by the Veterans' Committee ballot in December.

Among the names on the Veterans' Committee ballot that fell under the required threshold, three stick out – Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Curt Schilling.'

All three failed to get the required 75% of votes to be elected by the BBWAA during their ten-year eligibility periods, leaving the Veterans' Committee as their only hope of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Similarly, this year's ballot marked Jeff Kent's 10th and final year of eligibility. The 2000 NL MVP received 46.5% of the vote, well below the 75% needed.

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