Average Cost of Being an MLB Fan in 2023: Team-by-Team

We've researched the average costs that a fan attending every home game in the 2023 season will face across every MLB team, to see how they compare.

Being a Major League Baseball fan is more than just a pastime, it's an investment, both emotional and financial.


While it's hard to measure emotional investment, with a bit of number crunching it's possible to calculate the exact dollars and cents that a typical fan of each MLB team needs to spend throughout a season to attend every home game.

And we've done just that, by researching and compiling the following costs for the 2023 season:  

  • The average cost of an 81 game season ticket 
  • The average cost of a home jersey 
  • The cost of a stadium hotdog (x81) 
  • The cost of two stadium beers (x81) 
  • The average stadium (or near stadium) parking cost (x81)

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